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Electroless Nickel Plating by Component Technologies (Providence, RI)

Founded in 1981, Component Technologies is a leader in electroless nickel, and sulfamate nickel plating for the state of NH.
  • ISO 9001: 2008 incorporating the requirements of AS 9100-B
  • 5 types of electroless nickel plating
  • high and low production runs
  • consitency in appearance and adhesion
  • production runs of 10 parts to 150 million
  • strong technical resources- 2 chemists on staff
  • ship to customers worldwide

The Process of Electroless Nickel Plating for RI

Electrloess Nickel plating is it's superior corrosion resistance in a vast array of end application environments. The Phosphorous content is the major component to consider when selecting EN deposits. Environment, corrosion resistance, thickness and finished component tolerances should all be considered when selecting the appropriate EN finish.

Electroless Nickel Plating Appearance and Adhesion - Providence

Peeling, flaking… Should you expect any peeling or flaking anywhere, even on just a few of your plated parts? No! The interface between a plated material is always stronger than the internal strength of either the substrate or the coating.

Three methods for testing adhesion.
1. Tape test. - Never used because it is an inadequate test.
2. Scribe test. - This method is used on CTI deposits 5% of the time. Only because part is too valuable or per customer request.
3. Crush or Destruct. - This method is used on CTI deposits 95% of the time.

CTI plating produces deposits with excellent adhesion because of good cleaning and pre-treatment.
Adhesion is the most important aspect of the plated part. Component Technologies Inc., is our number one goal and we meet it daily.

Electroless Nickel Plating Technical Details - Rhode Island

8 plating lines. Two automated lines, and 6 semi-automated lines plating Electroless nickel and Sulfamate plating.
Electroless nickel/Teflon.
25,000 square foot facility including 8,000 square feet of temperature controlled parts storage area.
Solvent degreasing and alkaline cleaning.
Ultrasonic cleaning line.
Solvent Drying System that produces spot free and stain free finishes.
Research & Development - 2 chemists on staff - combined 75 years plating experience at management level.
Off the grid - our power is generated by a cogeneration system which is independent of local utilities.
Quality Assurance Equipment including 2 - X-ray fluorescence thickness tester, atomic absorption, flatness testing and inspection, complete wet lab analysis, and any part specific adhesion testing equipment.

Electroless Nickel Plating by State

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We are Rhode Island's choice for electroless nickel plating. For a free quote contact Larry Hutnick (larryh@ctechmetfin.com) or call 860-667-1065. ElectrolessNickelPlatings.com is an affiliate of www.componenttechnologiesinc.com, www.nickelteflonplating.com and www.ctechmetfin.com.


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